Step Up Your Running Game With Puma Trinomic Disc Trainers

Stepping up your shoe game isn’t that easy for most people, some of us look great in anything, while some others are going to look like trash no matter what they try and wear (no offense!). This doesn’t mean that you can’t rock amazing shoes and feel like you’re pulling them off, and in the end everybody has their own taste, so no matter what somebody tells you make sure that you’re willing to look your very best (or at least be willing to give it a shit, I mean that is if you want to hang out with all of those super cool ladies down the block).

The PUMA Trinomic Disc Trainers in Camo Carafe are some of the best shoes I’ve ever come by, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that. The colours are great and can work with anything that you’re wearing, whether it’s light or dark you’re still going to shine as bright as the sun with these bad boys on! You might even notice that the price tag £119.99, which isn’t that high considering the shoes are well made and look quite cool.

The first thing I noticed is that the design went a little abstract on the market, but then again these days it’s all about wearing abstract clothing that’s going to make you seem a little more sophisticated (am I right, or am I right?). These kicks are going to get you recognized, they have an upper synthetic textile material on them that looks pretty great and there’s no laces (which means you don’t have to deal with those pieces of garbage anymore!). Laces are actually obsolete at this point in time, if your shoe is fit properly than it’s going to be snug no matter what. If you don’t know your natural shoes size that’s something you might want to work on, seriously! As if that wasn’t enough the mid sole is composed of lightweight FAAS foam, and it’s also from the CREAM product line that PUMA is putting out.

If you’re a sneaker head this is definitely one to check out, so make sure you don’t miss it! You never know with these kinds of things, sometimes they’re a little too exclusive and you don’t get to them in time. We’ve got them in stock right now, so if you’re buying than we’re selling!

Puma TRINOMIC XS 850 Plus

The Puma TRINOMIC XS 850 Plus Camo Black Turbulence sneakers are literally one of the best shoes I’ve ever put of my feet, they feel so good! If you don’t know how important your foot actually feels in the shoe is than you’re missing out my friend, there’s no better feeling than you have a pair of kicks on all day without feeling like your pinky toe is going to suffocate and fall off. We’ve got these kicks in four different sizes: UK 8, UK 9, UK 10 and finally UK 11. We’re ready to sell them whenever you’re ready to scoop them up, so what are you waiting for? They have a synthetic upper with a mesh under lay, so you already know that there’s the complex design behind it that most sneaker heads love. A rubber cell cushion is implemented for the shoe to be more stable and controlled, so that’s where the comfy factor comes into play (I told you, literally one of the comfiest pairs of kicks I’ve ever worn).

This is another PUMA Cream tier product that I’ve seen in stock, so if you’re interested in purchasing a pair feel free to play your part. We all love looking good, so what’s the matter with buying a new pair of shoes when they’re this hot? I didn’t even mention the price tag, which is a measly £99.99, I’ve honestly paid more for a pair of jeans than I have for these shoes.